Tuesday, November 29, 2011

so i'm reading this frank o'hara poem

There's no Tuesday interview today. So I'm reading this Frank O'Hara poem: Now I am quietly waiting for / the catastrophe of my personality / to seem beautiful again, / and interesting, and modern.

And visiting these two favorite blogs: forty-sixth and grace and 16 house. And wanting to see this exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. And admiring Something Changed's reading list.

And next week we'll have a Tuesday Interview from Peter Orner.


Victoria Thorne said...

a short stop by to leave blessings. again & always.
because you are beautiful and interesting and modern always. and perfectly of no time & all that.

erica lorraine scheidt said...

oh! victoria, thank you.

i miss comments.

i'm all hunkered down in my rss reader and have to make myself get out and comment too.

this means a lot.

Unknown said...

i love frank o'hara!