Saturday, August 1, 2009

junction of amends

When she talks about meeting her birth parents, the first things Sandra McPherson mentions are the wildflowers. When the thirty-seven-year-old poet first approached her birth parents' Northern California house, she saw wildflowers and mushrooms spilling across the lawn and began staring at their whorls and shapes, naming them in her head. For her whole life, not knowing her own birth name, Sandra McPherson has been mesmerized by naming things their right names...
From "Junction of Amends; Sandra McPherson's Poetics of Adoption" by Jan VanStavern
Photo by Gareth McConnell Lyell Fall 2006


louise de Lima said...

Hi Erica, about your trip to Venice. Before going you should try to watch 'Francesco's Venice', which is a BBC documentary that you can get on DVD. It gives you the history of Venice. It's so interesting and will make you see Venice with a better understanding. I've been watching it since I got back and it makes me want to go again.

erica lorraine scheidt said...

Oh, I love this recommendation. Thanks so much.