Sunday, July 10, 2011

without finn, there would be no story

But most of all what I wanted was to see myself through his eyes, to define myself in relation to him, to sift out what was interesting in me (what he must have liked, however insignificant) and distill it into a purer, bolder, more compelling version of myself.

The truth is, for that brief period of my life I failed to exist if Finn wasn't looking at me. And so I copied him, strove to exist the way he existed: to stretch, languid and graceful when tired, to move swiftly and with determination when not, to speak rarely and with force, to smile in a way that rewarded the world. From What I Was by Meg Rosoff
Painting: Cy Twombly,
Note 1 (from Three Notes for Salah) 2005-7
On view at SFMOMA

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