Monday, July 25, 2011

if these are not our concerns

Abortion. Absent fathers. Alienation. Apathy. Awareness. Barriers. Bibliography. Blackness. Bullets. Bureaucracy. Card catalog. Complacency. Condescension. Corruption. Courage. Despair. Discrimination. Distrust. Dope. Defiance. Draft. Employment. Feminism. Freedom. Hate. High prices. Homelessness. Hopelessness. Hunger. Horror. Ignorance. Illegal police acts. Imperialism. Indifference. Injustice. Insults. Liberation. Librarians. Lobbies. Love. Machismo. Manhood. Media. Middle class. Mobility. Music. Open door. Oppressed mothers. Paranoia. Peace. Peoplehood. Poetry. Police brutality. Politics. Poverty. Power. Pride. Prisons. Rage. Rats. Reading. Red tape. Reference. Respect. Revolution. Riots. Segregation. Sexism. Small children. Squalor. Strength. Struggle. Study quietly. Survival. Teachers. Teargas. TV. Violence. War. Welfare. Whiteness. Womanhood. Working class.

If these are not our concerns, why do we profess to be librarians? —Bill Hinchliff, 1972
Revolting Librarians
by Celeste West, Elizabeth Katz et al.
San Francisco: Booklegger Press, 1972. Via Reference Library