Saturday, September 13, 2008

intelligence is relative

Burn after Reading opened yesterday. The Coen Brothers.


Rho Ell Ste said...

Hi, Erica. This is Elliott. Have you seen this movie? I saw this movie yesterday and loved it--liked it about 10,000 times more than No Country for Old Men.

The weird thing, I find, is that a lot of critics seem to be surprised that the Bros would make a movie like Burn after No Country. But, really, I found the two to be sort of similar in how pitiless they are. The difference, though, seems to be that No Country hits its tone through grim plodding, while Burn uses absurdity. (And I find the pathogenic potential of absurdity to be far more interesting than grimness.)

But I thought it was fantastique. I'm sort of shocked by all the bad reviews this film has gotten. In the theatre I went to, people actually clapped and cheered once the film was done!

Erica said...

Pitiless is the perfect word. Characters drawn w/out mercy. Critics schmiticks.

(I am not surprised that you respond better to absurdity).

It was really, a super grand movie. We cheered too.

And super grand to hear from you.

Jessica said...

God I love this Hitchcock and yes i loved this movie as well.