Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a dance to the music of time

"The pens are essentially props-they remind me that I’ve got to get back to writing, which means turning on the computer, and that’s a whole new world of distractions." David Coggins. Photo and post from A Continuous Lean.


Michelle Panik O'Neill said...

Fantastic picture!

P said...

I can't even write with a pen anymore. It makes me sad. Gone is the art of good handwriting - gone in the tactile pleasure of pen to paper.

Mila said...

You must be such an amazing person...sorry if this souds stupid. I mean it.


Erica said...

Compliments are never mocked here.



David Coggins said...

Nor are they mocked here.

theue said...

seconds on what mila said...one of these days i look forward to the day when our sisal bags will meet