Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Painting by Gerhard Richter, Schlafende (Barbara N.), 1970


amy koppelman said...


I'm sorry to be writing this as a response but I when I email you directly it comes back to me.

I found your blog through Cup of Jo.

My name is Amy Koppelman and I am a writer living in New York City. My second novel, I Smile Back, is coming out December 1st. I'm writing, hoping that you will read it and if you like it perhaps write about it. It's a dark novel which isn't for everyone but from reading your site I think you may like it.

If you want to read more about me or my reviews please go to Either way I wish you luck and want you to know that I enjoy your site.


Amy Koppelman

Erica said...

Hi Amy, To email me take out the spaces and replace "at" with @.

Good luck with your book!

Cheers, Erica

Hila said...

wonderful photo!