Sunday, July 20, 2008

bagdad cafe

The girl in the video store said I could find it in the Middle East section.


Anonymous said...

I was throwing boomerang yesterday and at dusk...with this beautiful glowing orange and pink and blue sky;
there walked by these fifty orthodox Jews...I looked back and they had all stopped and were looking at me...
"That was sick!" "rad did you see?"
"DO IT AGAIN!!" "OH NO WAY!" applaud.
(cracked me up)...they all watched for several throws..."That was special...a little extra special for us tonight. Thank you have a good night!"
"Thanks! you all too!"

Anonymous said...

P.S.: (on above comment) It was dusk of Friday; of course. The boomerang reference is a bit idiosyncratic toward the movie's turning point and all...I don't live in the Middle East
(Portland; Oregon)...and Erica knows who I am....