Saturday, February 11, 2012

this kind of muted stance

My work is all about living vicariously. I'm very easily embarrassed, and I think there's a lot of me that has a difficult time with people, period. All this angst, about myself, and about things I have no control over, is somehow in the work. I didn't really get English, and I lost my Russian. As far as expressing myself, I feel like I have bones in my tongue. Language is so crucial, but I think my pictures really do come from this kind of muted stance that I took. When you draw something, the drawing speaks for itself. Dasha Shishkin in an interview with Tina Barney, Vogue, June 2011.


If Jane said...

oh great that you found this and shared! ;))

SARAH said...

"I have bones in my tongue." powerful, and so often true.

som said...

and this one too.