Friday, March 25, 2011


"Curious about the problem of identity, I decided to photograph myself every day for a year. I was interested in when I would forget. The obsession with forgetting has been central. Having forgotten my mother, what she looked like, what she was like, how she treated me before she died when I was twelve, is still an abiding concern, though I have a much stronger sense of self now. But in 1972, not remembering meant, to some extent, not having existed, having to create a self without a foundation and trying to raise a daughter without remembering having been a child." Melissa Shook via even cleveland


If Jane said...


erica said...

i know! i am so taken with her work and writing. thank you even cleveland.

evencleveland said...


I love this series (and her thoughts about it) so, so much - glad you like it, too.