Friday, December 31, 2010

we are not a good judge

When I give talks I enjoy showing examples of artists who are/were consistantly going out on a limb and experimenting with new ideas, many of whom bring all of their unique personality traits to the forefront. (Maira Kalman, Tim Burton, James Joyce, Frieda Kahlo, Charles Eames, Picasso, to name but a few). Things that are often perceived as quirky and strange to the general public, yet these are the things that make for a unique voice. We all have them, are we willing to present them to others? A conclusion that we might come to at some point is that we are not a good judge of what others will respond to. Keri Smith via Lemonade

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victoria thorne said...

i think suddenly perhaps i will just have two resolutions this year. thank you. may the year be wonderful, yes, and sweet. a sweet year is good to find.