Friday, October 2, 2009

when despair seized the author

This cap was a beacon to the inquiring eyes of her family, who during these periods kept their distance, merely popping in their heads semi-occasionally to ask, with interest, "Does genius burn, Jo?" They did not always venture even to ask this question, but took an observation of the cap, and judged accordingly. If this expressive article of dress was drawn low upon the forehead, it was a sign that hard work was going on, in exciting moments it was pushed rakishly askew, and when despair seized the author it was plucked wholly off, and cast upon the floor.
From Little Women
Photo: Lyell Fall 06


victoria thorne said...

A great author told me, not too long ago, that you can relive your life by rereading a book. You reminded me of this today, and I must tell you that I am gratified. Thank you.

Rare Earth Jewelry said...

Hah! Delightful photo to pair with that quote! I must get myself a new hat!