Sunday, March 22, 2009

big love

From today's NYT: "But where the typical...American family seems unified but is secretly divided, the group on “Big Love” seems divided but is secretly joined." And "The book [Under the Banner of Heaven] includes a quotation from DeLoy Bateman, who gave up ­polygamy and then surrendered religious faith entirely. He told Krakauer he doesn’t regret abandoning it. “Some things in life are more important than being happy,” he says, expressing the unmistakable tension at the heart of “Big Love.” "Like being free to think for yourself.""

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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

That is a particularly interesting quote. As a born loner, I have always been fascinated by that connection and comfort that some people find in groups. I am secretly drawn to it, because it is so entirely outside my realm of comprehension. It's a strange fascination - a part of me longs to know what that feels like. Since I was raised an only child, in remote locations, and without a specific religious affiliation, any sort of group mentality is utterly alien to me.