Tuesday, January 13, 2009


From Maud Newton

Now, thirty years later, [Jonathan] Baumbach’s most recent publisher, like his last, has gone under, and in this case the enterprise went belly-up just months after his latest book, You, appeared. My friend Lauren Cerand was so passionate about You, she took Baumbach on as a publicity client despite the difficulties of reviving a book after the initial media window has closed. She and the author have started a site dedicated to the project.

Below Baumbach remembers the circumstances that led him and other writers to create Fiction Collective, and he compares the climate of 1974 with the dire situation publishing finds itself in today.

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Jane said...

In the 1970s I was in college at the University of New Mexico. Albuquerque was in the middle of nowhere then; now it's nowhere in the middle of macmansions and fast food joints (more than Tokyo!) and malls and casinos. The Living Batch, Gus Blaisdell's bookstore, promoted Baumbach, small presses, and lit mags and gave poets like Robert Creeley a place to hold readings. There I caught the bookstore, small press, lit mag bug.

this is just to say
love your blog; i began tapping out poems and stories on a royal quiet deluxe that belonged to my great aunt, who was blind. she died when i was 7 and i took her typewriter and her Kodak Brownie from a box of things meant for the Salvation Army.