Monday, November 24, 2008

it must suggest something about me has changed

My Love,
I went to Yamamoto to choose my trousseau. For our reunion. I spent hours trying things on. In the end I chose black silk trousers and two shirts to be worn together, a gray one and a blue one. I want everything to be perfect. My outfit must travel well in the plane and suit the circumstances: a reunion in India. It must be elegant but without affectation, chic but understated, and flattering. It must suggest that something about me has changed, a subtle metamorphisis, show you how I've missed you, but that you're not totally indispensable to me and even that I have grown more beautiful, more mature, away from you...

From Exquisite Pain, by Sophie Calle (Thanks SF Library)


nikole said...
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nikole said...

i meant to say,
oh, this is really very nice
but i just said oh
so i wrote

SB said...

This book is absolutely incredible.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I've never really explored the work of S.C., but these words really hit home today. I'm going to see an ex later this week, and i'm hoping it won't be exquisite pain.